A perfect Alliance of Growatt New Energy and Sequoia International Capital

Other day, we witnessed the perfect alliance of the Shenzhen Growatt New Energy Co., Ltd and the leading international investment giant Sequoia Capital. Since then, Sequoia Capital has finished their one-year searching for business partner in the Chinese solar inverter field for renewable energy. Being well-known with the accurate and unique vision for investing, Sequoia International Capital has finally chosen Growatt New Energy.

Sequoia Capital was founded in 1972, is the most famous international venture capital investment focusing on enterprises in their start-up stage, named as the entrepreneur behind the entrepreneur. Being successfully invested in world-famous companies like APPLE, GOOLGE, YAHOO, FACEBOOK etc, the renewable energy has become an important investing field for Sequoia Capital. After one year’s investigation in the domestic solar inverters, Sequoia Capital finally confirms the cooperation with Growatt New Energy, which is by no means fortuitous.



As a new talent in the field of renewable energy, there are rapid leaps and bounds in the development of Growatt New Energy. With highly cost-effective solar inverters, Growatt has ranked among the top brands worldwide, quickly seizing the market in Europe, Australia and America, and establishing three branches in Frankfurt, Melbourne, and Houston. The international market layout is initially set up. In the first fiscal year, Growatt has achieved the sales volumes at RMB 300 million, winning the top exporter of solar inverter in China.

In addition, the clear thinking on development and the extraordinary pursuit for technological innovation are the most important factors that win the favor of Sequioa Capital, which is also the key for the excellent achievement of Growatt in such a short time.

The strong alliance of Sequoia Capital and Growatt, is the perfect bound of technology and capital, which will generate unconceivable effect, and be staged as a new legend in the renewable energy.


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