A breakthrough in the U.S market——Powerway Renewable Energy

Powerway Renewable Energy has succeeded in winning the contract to supply its innovative groundscrew foundation and racking system to a project located in New Jersey. “This is just the beginning for Powerway,” said CMO Sherry. “ This will be regarded as a model project in the United States for our company’s solar mounting and ground screw foundation products, and especially for Powerway’s preassembly mounting system (PMS) which can save a tremendous amount of installation time — up to 48 percent.”

Powerway has already trained the teams and experts who will install and maintain this solar business. In the global market, Powerway is much more than a racking and foundation solution provider. The leading-edge company has also partnered with Green-Sources Taiwan to integrate tracker and support structures, a strategy which promises to increase performance efficiency in solar power plants by 30 percent.


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