97,500 MT FBR! Shangji Automation Signs RMB 26.2 Billion in Silicon With GCL

PVTIME – On November 18, both Shangji Automation (603185.SH) and GCL (03800.HK) announced that Shangji Automation and its subsidiary Hongyuanxcl (Baotou) Co., Ltd. would purchase 97,500 MT of rod silicon and FBR granular silicon from Jiangsu Zhongneng, a subsidiary of GCL, from January 2022 to December 2026.

According to the announcement, the transaction pricing will be carried out by monthly bargaining. With reference to the latest price estimate published by PVInfoLink, the estimated contract value is approximately 26.2 billion yuan (tax included).

In 2020, Shangji Automation had joined hands with GCL to sign a  purchase order for 16,700 MT of polycrystalline silicon materials. The purchase amount this time is about 5.8 times that of the order in 2020.

In addition to Shangji Automation, GCL has now received several  orders of silicon materials from leading photovoltaic enterprises, such as Shuangliang Group, LONGi, Zhonghuan Semiconductor and JA Solar, with orders exceeding 700,000 MT.