6.509 Billion Yuan! TBEA to Invest in High-Purity Silicon and Source-Grid-Load-Storage Integration Projects

PVTIME – TBEA Co., Ltd. (600089.SH) announced on August 15 that Tianchi Energy and Loulan new material company, the subsidiaries of TBEA, intend to launch high purity silicon project with annual output of 200,000 MT and source-grid-load-storage integration projects with total investment of 6.509 billion yuan.

The construction period of the high-purity silicon project is planned to be two years, with 545MW of renewable energy stations, of which 425MW wind power, 120MW photovoltaic power and 70MW/140MWh energy storage will be included.

The company stated that the demand for industrial silicon is dramatically increased as the rapid development of photovoltaic energy, new energy vehicles, organic silicon material and electronic technology. The company have to ensure its production capacity with low-cost and high-purify silicon material so that the projects mentioned above will be initiated by the holding subsidiaries of TBEA.