462.24kW! State Grid’s First Rooftop Solar System of Central Warehouse Connects to Grid and Achieves Carbon Neutrality

PVTIME – Recently, the rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation system in the central warehouse of State Grid Fujian Electric Power Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China, has been connected to the grid.

As reported, this central warehouse achieved the goal of carbon neutral by using the new distributed photovoltaic power system. The solar power generation system covers the roof area of a total 9090 square meters in the 5G logistics warehouse, with installed capacity of 462.24 kw and will reaching an annual power generation of 868,400 KWH, which is excessive for the electricity need in the warehouse and the surplus power could be collected by the grid. The estimated average reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is 865.79MT every year.

“The solar panels can fully absorb the light and be thermal insulation for the buildings, indirectly reduces the frequency of use of the HVAC system. Moreover, the power generation time of the rooftop photovoltaic system is basically as same as the peak period of electricity consumption in the central warehouse, which can effectively alleviate the electricity consumption pressure and achieve building energy conservation.” said the manager of the warehouse.

The central warehouse of State Grid Fujian Electric Power Company adopts advanced environmental protection technology to reduce carbon emissions and save customers’ operating costs. Carbon emission can be reduced by 30% while saving electricity cost of 500,000 yuan per year by the mobile 5G technology and intelligent sensing equipment in the warehouse. And approximately 3.5 million yuan of labor and transportation costs can be saved via the the cloud algorithm and data resource integration.