35 Billion Yuan! Renewable Energy Projects Signed to Start in Delingha City, China

PVTIME – A major investment and project signing ceremony was held on 28 April in Delingha City, Qinghai Province, China. Seven investment agreements were signed at the ceremony, with a total investment of about 56 billion yuan.

Among them, the photovoltaic whole industry chain project of Laibao Technology Group Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 35 billion yuan is the largest in the photovoltaic manufacturing industry in Qinghai Province since this year.

Meanwhile, Geely Joinet Energy plans to invest in a high-purity polysilicon project using the physical method to achieve a production capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year in Delingha City. Sany Renewable Energy proposes to build a grid-connected integrated renewable energy demonstration project including wind energy, solar energy, hydrogen energy, energy storage and ammonia in Delingha. Heyuan Gas intends to invest in a 10GW monocrystalline silicon ingot production project, a 300,000 tonne high purity polycrystalline silicon core production project and a 30,000 tonne silicon purification project, as well as the recycling of hydrogen gas from the Salt Lake Chemical Industry in Delingha City.

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