33.5%! LONGi Sets World Record for Perovskite Tandem Cell

PVTIME – On 14 June 2023, at Intersolar Europe 2023, LONGi announced the new record conversion efficiency of 33.5% achieved by its perovskite silicon tandem cell on commercial CZ wafers, confirmed by the European Solar Test Installation (ESTI), a European reference laboratory for the calibration of photovoltaic (PV) devices and the verification of their energy production.

The new conversion efficiency is currently the highest for perovskite/crystalline silicon tandem solar cells based on commercial CZ silicon wafers, with a dramatic increase of 1.7% compared to LONGi’s last achievement on the same type of solar cell with a conversion efficiency of 31.8% on 24 May 2023.

As a world’s leading solar technology company, LONGi’s R&D team is very proud to achieve an absolute increase of 3.95% in conversion efficiency from 29.55% on 31 December 2022 to 33.5% on 14 June 2023, a marvellous achievement in half a year. The new one is expected to be listed in the “Table of China’s Highest Efficiency of Solar Cells” issued by the Photovoltaic Professional Committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, showing China’s leading position in cell technology, as same as LONGi’s previous tandem cell efficiency records of 25.7% and 29.55% in 2021 and 2022, respectively, which have been confirmed by international authoritative institutions.

“For the same area absorbing the same amount of light, the more electricity that can be generated, the better.”  Li Zhenguo said, “Taking the solar cell with conversion efficiency above 20% as an example, each percentage point increase in conversion efficiency can save more than 5% of the cost of downstream solar power plants.  Every 0.01% increase in conversion efficiency is crucial for the whole industry, so improving cell conversion efficiency and reducing electricity costs remains the perennial theme driving the development of the photovoltaic industry.

In addition, as the solar industry’s “record holder” for the highest efficiency, LONGi remains at the forefront of innovation in cutting-edge PV technologies. The company has set an impressive string of efficiency records. Since April 2021, LONGi has broken the world record for solar cell efficiency 14 times, and currently holds the record for the highest conversion efficiency for silicon solar cells at 26.81%, which is demonstrating at Intersolar Europe 2023 with its independently developed HJT cell,

LONGi has now achieved overall leadership in a number of new high-efficiency cell technologies, but is not stopping its research and development of solar products. Since its IPO in 2012, LONGi has invested a total of 19.5 billion yuan in R&D and obtained a total of 2,132 patents of various types. In the future, the company will focus on commercialising solar PV products, providing reliable products for overseas customers and promoting the world’s clean energy transition.

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