30GW HPBC! LONGi Confirms BC As Core Product

PVTIME – On 5 September 2023, LONGi held a performance briefing for its half-year report, during which Chairman Zhong Baoshen stated that LONGi would concentrate on BC technology and related products. He views BC cells as the “absolute mainstream product” among crystalline silicon cells in the next five or six years with excellent performance.

BC cells, according to Mr. Zhong Baoshen, although there are three main challenges related to its technology, cost, and mass production that may cause uncertainty, LONGi is confident in its ability to address these issues and bring high-quality BC products to the market. Currently, LONGi’s HPBC production base with a capacity of 30GW is under construction and expected to become operational by the end of 2023, with a monthly capacity of 2.2GW, equivalent to 25GW per year.

Regarding TOPCon technology, Mr. Zhong Baoshen considers it a transitional product. He suggests that compared to PERC technology, TOPCon is challenging to enhance, and its investment returns may not meet expectations. The oversupply may also negatively impact the profits.

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