30.91%! Boamax Hits New Conversion Efficiency on Perovskite Tandem Cell in Lab

PVTIME – On 26 June 2023, Jiangsu Boamax Technologies Group Co (002514.SZ), a company mainly engaged in heavy truck power exchange, energy storage, comprehensive energy, power grid flexibility peak shaving projects, R&D, manufacturing and sales of intelligent equipment, updated its latest progress in perovskite solar cell R&D, saying that a new conversion efficiency of 30.91% has been achieved for its perovskite and heterojunction tandem cells in the lab, while the current world record for perovskite tandem cell efficiency is 33.7%.

Meanwhile, Boamax announced that it plans to start construction of a 100MW perovskite tandem cell production line by the end of 2023 and achieve a conversion efficiency of more than 32% in the lab. It also aims to start mass production of GW-scale perovskite tandem production within 2025.

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