26.56%! 26.09%! LONGi Claims New P-Type and Indium-Free HJT Cells Efficiency Records

PVTIME – China’s solar giant LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (LONGi) recently announced that the company has achieved a new breakthrough efficiency of its solar cells. According to the latest certification reports of Institut für Solarenergieforschung in Hameln (ISFH), the company has set two new world records efficiency at 26.56% for its p-type HJT solar cells and 26.09% for its indium-free HJT cells on M6 monocrystalline silicon wafers, confirming the basis for industrialisation of the low-cost technology route for HJT cells, following ongoing research by LONGi’s R&D team.

The LONGi R&D team has a long-term record of delivering higher value to end users via continuous technological innovation. Compared with the gallium-doped p-type HJT solar cells on which September’s conversion efficiency of 26.12% was achieved, the cell for the latest world record was increased by 0.44% to 26.56% on LONGi’s commercial gallium-doped silicon wafer.

And for indium-free HJT solar cells, the traditional indium-based film was replaced with cheap and environmentally friendly film materials by the R&D team. Along with a conversion efficiency of higher than 26%, HJT solar cell can get rid of indium and upgrade to mass production in terawatt scale as expected, further confirming the feasibility of low-cost HJT mass production technology.

As a world-leading solar technology company, LONGi remains at the forefront of innovation in cutting-edge PV technologies. In 2021, the company established an impressive series of efficiency records, with its n-type TOPCon, p-type TOPCon,  n-type HJT, p-type HJT and indium-free HJT cells, achieving conversion efficiencies world records twelve times. 

In November 2022 particularly, LONGi has set a new world record efficiency at 26.81% for its HJT silicon solar cells on full-size silicon wafers through mass production, which is the first time that the highest record of silicon solar cell efficiency set by a China-based company, as well as a latest world record in five years since a record of 26.7% was achieved by a Japanese company in 2017. This mature technology and the world record of large-size silicon wafers are also very rare in the history of photovoltaic technology.

LONGi has now achieved overall leadership in a number of new high-efficiency cell technologies, yet it never stops its research or development of solar products. The company will focus on the commercialization of HJT products in the future and contribute to fulfill the Dual-Carbon Goals in China, promoting the clean energy solutions in the world.