26.5%! DAH Solar Hits a High Conversion Efficiency on TOPCon Solar Cell

PVTIME - DAH Solar Co., Ltd., a technology-leading company in PV product manufacturing, recently announced achieving a new high average conversion efficiency of 26.5% on its TOPCon solar cells in mass production.

This is a significant milestone as 26% is considered the threshold for solar cell manufacturers to reach the theoretical limit efficiency of 28.7%. DAH Solar is pleased to announce that it has achieved an average conversion efficiency of 26.5% on its TOPCon solar cell during mass production, just six months after launching the facility.

DAH Solar's TOPCon cells utilise the highly energy-concentrated and controllable characteristics of lasers to separate the two key steps in the high-temperature sintering process: passivation layer erosion and contact formation, and further accurately regulate the sintering process. Then the LECO laser-assisted sintering equipment was fully optimaized for mass production within seven days, achieving a new conversion efficiency high of 26.5%. These processes also significantly decrease the difficulty of backside ultra-thin Poly, which is crucial for reducing the costs of TOPCon cell production.

DAH Solar is proud to have achieved a new record, maintaining its leading position in the industry. The company will continue to invest in technological innovation and upgrades to provide reliable solar cells to customers worldwide, promoting sustainable development with low carbon emissions.

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