26.12%! LONGi Claims New P-Type HJT Cell Efficiency Record

PVTIME – On September 19, LONGi, a world-leading solar technology company announced it has achieved a power conversion efficiency of 26.12% for gallium-doped, P-type heterojunction solar cell based on M6 wafer (274.3cm²). This new efficiency breakthrough was confirmed via the tests carried out at the Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin (ISFH).

Compared with the p-type HJT solar cells on which March’s conversion efficiency of 25.47% was achieved, the cell for the latest world record was increased by 0.65%. LONGi’s R&D team upgraded the interface passivation and crystal pulling procedures to meet the requirements of p-HJT silicon wafers for performance indicators such as resistivity and life. The short-circuit current (Isc), open-circuit voltage (Voc) and fill factor (FF) of the latest HJT solar cell have been greatly improved, which are 1.06%, 0.3% and 1.1% respectively higher than the last one. What is more, the versatility and reliability of LONGi’s technology was fully proved as the processing of this particular solar cell was very similar to that of n-type.

As a world-leading solar technology company, LONGi remains at the forefront of innovation in cutting-edge PV technologies. In 2021, the company established an impressive series of efficiency records, with its n-type TOPCon, p-type TOPCon and n-type HJT cells achieving conversion efficiencies of 25.21%, 25.19% and 26.30% respectively. LONGi has now achieved overall leadership in a number of new high-efficiency cell technologies, and will never stop its research or development of solar products.