24.76%! Jinko Solar Hits Record Highs on Conversion Efficiency on Cell Module and Tandem Cell

PVTIME – Jinko Solar Co., Ltd.(688223.SH), one of the world’s largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers, recently announced that its large area PV modules of n-Type TOPCon have achieved a maximal conversion efficiency of 24.76%, as confirmed by TÜV. This landmark sets a new global record for the maximum module efficiency ever certified by a third-party.

Additionally, Jinko Solar has achieved a conversion efficiency of 32.33% with its n-Type TOPCon-based perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell. This breakthrough in the field of perovskite-silicon tandem cells received certification from the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology.

Furthermore, Jinko Solar reported that its 182 n-Type TOPCon cell achieved a conversion efficiency of 26.89%, which was certified by the Chinese National Photovoltaic Industrial Metrology & Testing Center as top data.

Jinko Solar has made significant progresses in n-type technology R&D within a week, providing valuable references for the future of this technology in the solar industry. It has been reported that n-type TOPCon is undeniably the most practical and cost-effective option among various types of cells, and it is considered the most viable and competitive technology for the future. The new generation of TOPCon will see significant optimization through technological innovations and efficiency upgrades.

According to Doctor Jin Hao, TOPCon offers process advantages as a base cell for achieving high-efficiency tandem cells with perovskite. Additionally, the excellent high-temperature stability of perovskite opens up more options for functional materials in each layer of the tandem cell.

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