21.8 Billion Yuan! Grand Sunergy Inks PV Production Base in Inner Mongolia Region of China

PVTIME – Grand Sunergy and the the People’s Government of Urad Front Banner recently held a signing ceremony for the investment and construction of Grand Sunergy Dual-Carbon Industrial Park in Urad Front Banner, Inner Mongolia Region, China.

According to the agreement, Grand Sunergy, a leading company specialising in the research and development, manufacture and supply of high-efficiency HJT photovoltaic cells and modules, intends to invest in new energy, renewable materials, rural revitalisation and ecological environmental management projects in Urad Front Banner.

The Dual-Carbon Industry Park is the first PV project, including solar cell and module production and PV-related products, covering the entire industry chain in Bayan Nur City of Urad Front Banner, with an estimated total investment of 21.8 billion yuan. The industrial park aims to supply n-type crystalline silicon material, ultra-thin silicon wafers, high-efficiency heterojunction cells, large-scale heterojunction modules, energy storage, PV robots, frames, EPE film and related PV products. Meanwhile, Grand Sunergy plans to launch county-wide distributed PV projects and EOD pilots for environmental management.

The PV industrial park is expected to expand the production of PV renewable materials and promote the development of renewable energy for the region.

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