2024 World’s Top 20 Silicon Material/Wafer Manufacturers Revealed by PVBL

PVTIME – On June 11-12 2024, the CPC 9th Century Photovoltaic Conference and PVBL 12th Global Photovoltaic Brand Rankings Announcement Ceremony were jointly held by Century New Energy Network, PVTIME and Photovoltaic Brand Lab (PVBL) in Shanghai City, China.

The conference brought together leaders in the field of solar energy, entrepreneurs and heads of investment institutions. Starting from the Duel Carbon goals, PV-related topics such as industrial development trend, technological innovation and integration of solar power storage were discussed, with the aim of promoting the coordinated progress of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and promoting the brand building and technological innovation of the photovoltaic industry.

On the first day of the conference, PVBL’s annual ranking of the Top 20 Global Silicon Material/Wafer Manufacturers was announced.

Most of the companies in the above list are listed companies and the data was mainly taken from their 2023 annual report and public documents. For non-listed companies in the ranking, the data was provided by the companies themselves. For well-known companies that did not make the list because they did not provide the required data.

Most of the silicon material and wafer makers suffered a lot during 2023 due to the prices turned down sharply, triggering the price downward among the whole supply chain. Silicon material price at the beginning of 2023 was 200,000 yuan / tonne, then fallen below 60,000 yuan / tonne by the end of the year.

In the 2024 PVBL research, Yongxiang, a subsidiary of Tongwei Solar, was the top silicon material supplier in the list, with shipments of 387,200 MT of silicon and revenues of about 102.83 billion yuan, and net profit of 13.57 billion yuan. LONGi came second with 53.79 GW of shipments, followed by GCL, TCL Zhonghuan, Daqo and TBEA, whose shipments each exceeded 200,000 MT of silicon or wafers in 2023.

The increased production capacity of silicon and wafers consolidated the leading positions of the top ones, and the newly added producers such as HOYUAN, JYT, Gokin Solar and Shuangliang expanded their capacity to catch up with the major players.

Launched in 2012, the PVBL annual report is the only data research report in China supported by a multidimensional evaluation system. The multidimensional scoring system accurately reflects consumers’ attitudes towards brands and provides companies with insights into the effectiveness of their brand positioning strategies.

To calculate a company’s corporate brand rating, the Photovoltaic Brand Lab combines 10 years of data collected by Century New Energy Network and its web-based operations with the evaluation criteria.

The maximum achievable Corporate Brand Rating is 1000 and is calculated after companies have gone through the comprehensive evaluation system, which includes the assessment of five primary and ten secondary indicators. The primary indicators are sales, research and development, outgoing shipments, impact and service. Secondary indicators include brand design, brand popularity, brand reputation, brand loyalty, product quality, service quality, marketing promotion, social responsibility, industry impact and societal impact.

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