2000V! Huaneng & Sungrow’s PV Plant Grid Connected With High Voltage Inverter System

PVTIME – The Mengjiawan PV project, jointly built by Huaneng Shaanxi and Sungrow, was recently successfully grid connected and commissioned in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, China.

This is the first time in the world that a 2000V inverter system has been connected to the grid. The project is notable for the cost reduction and efficiency increase in the evolution of PV power systems from 1500V to 2000V through the high-voltage inverter developed by Sungrow.

Compared to 1500V, the 2000V system increases the voltage by 33%, challenging the inverter’s ability to withstand the voltage and its reliability. Sungrow has overcome and filled the gaps in the design and testing of 2000V components in the industry with innovative intelligent graded shutdown technology and adaptive voltage and power control algorithms. In addition, the innovative high-voltage power-cycle test technology scheme has been adopted to perform comprehensive performance tests such as adaptability verification to ensure stable and reliable operation of the devices under the high voltage of 2000V.

Thanks to the significant increase in system voltage, the Mengjiawan 2000V PV project has further reduced power losses in the systems and greatly improved efficiency, including the power efficiency of inverters, converters, transformers and other equipment, while reducing the cost of infrastructure construction, equipment transportation and post-maintenance. At the same time, by increasing the number of modules in series, the amount of DC cable used, the number of converters and the amount of steel used for brackets have been reduced, which together can reduce the BOS cost by more than 0.02 yuan per watt.

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