2.236 Billion Yuan! TBEA to Invest in Solar and Wind Power Stations

PVTIME – On July 25, TBEA Co., Ltd. (600089.SH) disclosed that TBEA Xinjiang New Energy Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of TBEA, intends to invest in a 300MW photovoltaic project in Baotou City, a 50MW wind power project in Ruoqiang, and a 100MW wind power project in Tuoli Township, with investment of 1.455 billion yuan, 267 million yuan and 514 million yuan respectively.

Among them, the 300MW photovoltaic project in Baotou City is located in the southern part of Jiangjunyao Town, Baotou City of Inner Mongolia. The annual average radiation amount is estimated to be 5,923.20MJ/m2, the annual effective utilization hours of the project are 1,697.85h, and the average annual power generation of the project is 611,249,700 kW·h.

The annual equivalent utilization hours of the other two wind power projects are 2,459.45h and 2,885.55h respectively, and the average annual power generation of the two are 122,977,600 kW·h and 288,554,700 kW·h respectively.

The above projects all have development value, stated TBEA. And the construction period of these projects will be 6 months.