19.04%! GCL Perovskite Hits High Conversion Efficiency on Single-junction Perovskite Modules (1,000mmx2,000mm)

PVTIME – Kunshan GCL Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd. (GCL Perovskite), a subsidiary of GCL Tech, is currently the only technology company in the world to develop and produce commercial modules with a uniformly high single-junction photoelectric conversion efficiency of more than 18.00%. The company has announced that it has achieved a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 19.04% on a 1,000mm x 2,000mm single-junction perovskite solar module as officially tested by the China National Institute of Metrology with a test report confirming the results.

The GCL Perovskite team is delighted to have achieved its goal of surpassing the expected conversion efficiency of 19% for standard-sized perovskite modules, having previously achieved 18.04% conversion efficiency for a single-junction perovskite solar module in November 2023. And the team is one step closer to its efficiency target of 26% for a 2m² (1,000mm × 2,000mm) single-junction perovskite solar module, while focusing on research and development for the next generation of tandem perovskite modules.

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