15 Billion Yuan! China FV Group and Zhongqing Group to Invest on PV Module and Cell

PVTIME – Recently, China FV Group Ltd., Zhongqing Group and the Government of Yichang City, Hubei Province, China, signed an agreement for photovoltaic projects with a total investment of 15 billion yuan.

Two parts are involved in the projects. The first part is a million kilowatt-level new energy base, with a planned total investment of 12 billion yuan, mainly for agricultural photovoltaic, fishing and PV plants and energy storage power stations. The second part in a whole PV industry chain, with a planned investment of additional 3 billion on the basis of the project signed last year. The second part will focus on products lines including silica gel, adhesive, silver paste, welding tape, flat uniaxial, sun tracking bracket, DC fast charging pile, and so force.

Once upon completion, this project is expected to be the largest production and manufacturing base in central China, with an estimated annual output value exceed 20 billion yuan, and annual tax revenue will be about 500 billion yuan.