1.3 Billion Yuan in Intended Deals Recorded at CIIE for Elkem

PVTIME – Under the theme of “Silicon for a Zero-Carbon Future”, Elkem, a technology leader with over seven decades of expertise in the silicone industry, showcases four segments “Life Science”, “Consumer Goods”, “Smart City” and “Inno-Life” at the Consumer Goods Exhibition Area of the 5th China International Import Expo (Booth B1-01, Hall 5.1) from November 5 to 10, 2022. The company will promote here its innovative technologies and low-carbon sustainable solutions for industries including healthcare, construction, homecare, automotive, energy and 3D printing, and China Sinochem e-commerce platform for Elkem Silicones will be officially launched at the exhibition. During this event, Elkem will sign renewal of annual contracts for 2023 with more than a dozen customers for specialised silicones products in automotive, healthcare and consumers products. The contract values will be totalling more than CNY 1.3 billion, which represent a volume growth of more than 30 per cent compared to 2022.

Elkem is a global leader in silicon-based materials. Sustainability has always been a crucial part of the company’s silicone manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials, to the production of end products. Elkem provides customers with tailor-made solutions through the use of natural raw materials, renewable energy and innovative technologies. As flexible as they are efficient, they meet market demand, regulatory requirements and low-carbon trends, helping accelerate the development of the green economy and industrial transformation.

Unlocking the power of life science to advance human health

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only had a profound impact on people’s life, as well as on economic and social development, but also on people’s attentiveness to their own health, comfort and life quality. In the field of life science, Elkem offers Silbione™ Biomedical medical grade silicones for long term implant applications. Thanks to their exceptional performance, the Silbione™ Biomedical series can be used to make a variety of safe and reliable medical products. Silbione™ Biomedical has a number of applications that offer benefits to human health, from infusion tubing, cochlear implants, artificial stents, wound care and prosthetics rebuilding to orthodontic dental molds. The BLUESIL™ LSR 9350 series can be used to develop customized solutions that component manufacturers can rely on to streamline production and improve efficiency. Because the products in the BLUESIL™ LSR 9350 range do not require secondary vulcanization, it therefore reduce the energy and carbon emissions that would otherwise be associated with the additional process. In addition, they meet strict regulatory requirements for the use of silicone products in sensitive health care applications. Both Silbione™ Biomedical and BLUESIL™ LSR 9350 embody Elkem’s commitment to environmental protection, sustainability and low carbon development. They enable customers to be more efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly in their production processes.

Creating a comfortable life in a sustainable environment

In a rapidly developing society with improving living standards and health levels, awareness of environmental protection has increased people’s yearning for a higher quality living environment. Silicones are playing their part in many ways, from construction sealants to personal care products, such as skin care products and cosmetics, to daily household products, such as towels and paper towels. Many of these green solutions come from Elkem such as for example its STARSIL™ sealants which strengthen the airtightness and thermal insulation of wall joints, windows and doors. By providing long-lasting sealing, they ensure the longevity of buildings and improve their resistance to complex weather conditions. In addition, Elkem can provide silicone formulations, additives and emulsions to enhance the feel, appearance, durability and performance of daily consumer products, such as towels, tissues, baby diapers and textiles, making them softer, more colorful, absorbent and waterproof. Consumers benefit greatly from Elkem’s offerings.

Embracing smart cities and enabling low-carbon development

As China moves ahead with its “double carbon” strategy and new smart cities initiative, Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and new energy vehicles are entering a golden age of development. With its environmental benefits and application characteristics, Elkem’s STARSIL™ sealants can play a role in heat dissipation, fire retardancy, sealing and component fixation for the safe operation of PV modules, ensuring the stable conversion of solar energy into electricity over the long term. Other solutions provided by Elkem include low-carbon and environmentally-friendly silicone synthetic leather for use in the interior seats and door panels of new energy vehicles, green high-temperature compounding rubber for high-voltage EV cable insulation and sheathing and also for thermal management solutions for automotive lights that help orientate the automotive industry towards green and low-carbon growth.

Leading the fashion world towards innovative and intelligent manufacturing

The innovative potential of silicone materials has been unleashed in futuristic technologies, such as 3D printing, paper furniture and other emerging fields. By solving market challenges, they play an important role in driving energy conservation, environmental protection and technological innovation. In addition to medical, aerospace, automotive, industrial and intelligent robotics applications, Elkem’s AMSil™ 3D printing solutions can also be used in the fashion industry to make unique and customized clothes, handbags and jewelry. The additive manufacturing technology of 3D printing can shorten the development cycle, reduce material waste, optimize the production process and shorten the production chain. The results are greatly reduced energy consumption and pollutant emissions. In addition, Elkem’s water repellents for paper-based packaging materials can be used to improve the performance and life of paper-based furniture, but also to produce recyclable and re-pulpable paper. This reduces deforestation, contributing to a new ecology of zero carbon.

“This is the fifth time we have attended the CIIE,” Mr. Larry Zhang, Senior Vice President for the Silicones division of Elkem said. “As a well-known international supplier of silicones, Elkem has always been committed to providing reliable and high quality silicone solutions for our customers. Going forward, Elkem will invest more in China and expand its production capacity to provide advanced silicone technologies and products to customers in China and other parts of Asia Pacific, in line with our dual-growth strategy. This is how we are working with players in various industries to accelerate green and low-carbon transformation and to build a zero-carbon future. We hope to increase access to better final products that today’s consumers can use to build a healthy and sustainable life.”