LONGi President Li Zhenguo to Attend Fortune Global Forum in Paris to Discuss New Energy and Sustainable Growth

XI'AN, China, Nov. 13, 2019 /PVTIME/ -- LONGi Green Energy Technology Co.,
Ltd or LONGi Group, a global leading solar technology company, today announced
that its founder and President Li Zhenguo will attend the Fortune Global Forum
2019 in Paris, France at the invitation of the Fortune Magazine.

During the Fortune Global Forum, Li Zhenguo, together with business
leaders of Fortune Global 500 companies, will discuss issues on how to build a
better global business environment for the next decade and share his comments
on China's economic development. Huawei's Vice Chairman Ken Hu, among many
other Chinese business leaders have also confirmed to attend the forum.

China has been a strong economic growth engine for the world over the past
few decades. LONGi President Li Zhenguo will speak at a roundtable meeting,
themed "China: New Frontiers for Growth" on November 18. Mr. Li will
share his insights on how business shall grow facing China's new market

LONGi leads the global PV sector with its core competitiveness

Within 20 years of development, LONGi Group has been recognized as a
leader in the PV sector, who actively promote the global PV industry
development through continuous technological innovation.

In August 2019, LONGi Group's market value topped RMB 100 billion (about USD
14 billion), making its market value the highest in the PV industry at the
time. The company has been listed as one of the Fortune China 500
companies for three consecutive years. In 2018, LONGi was listed as Asia's Top
50 listed companies by Forbes Magazine. LONGi also made it to the 2019
ranking of "50 Smartest Companies" (TR50) by MIT Technology Review,
recognizing its long-time commitment in technological innovation and
breakthroughs. And LONGi topped other PV companies for its financial health in
the "PV Triathlon Competitiveness Report 2017 3Q" published by Photon
Consulting. The company was among the first-batch A-share companies that were
included in MSCI Index and Russell Indexes.

Li Zhenguo: "Solar for Solar – A Negative Carbon Emission
Planet"in action

Mr. Li initiated the concept of "Solar for Solar – A Negative Carbon
Emission Planet". On November 2018, he elaborated this sustainable growth
initiative at the COP24 in Katowice on Poland, that "Solar for Solar"
is a transformative approach for the whole industry to produce all PV products
of the entire supply-chain, completely relying on solar power, achieving zero
carbon emission. The ultimate goal of such concept is to achieve
negative-carbon-emission by growing more plants in the deserts, absorbing
carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. To make this happen, irrigation is key
to reduce land desertification and grow more trees. The water used for
irrigation shall be processed through sea water desalination powered by solar
energy, not from other energy generated by fossil fuel.

Mr. Li is also very vocal on key global events, including the 24th World
Energy Congress organized by the World Energy Council, and the World Energy
Leaders' Summit CEO Roundtable. He has been introducing the advantages of PV
power generation through LONGi's initiative, hoping to get more support for the
global PV industry.

LONGi Group to speed up business expansion in Europe

As a world-leading provider of PV products and PV services, LONGi Group's
business presence and growth strategies in Europe receive great attention.
During his visit to Europe, Li will meet with major partners in the region and
discuss new ways of cooperation in the energy sector.

In Ostend, Belgium's famous coastal tourism destination, LONGi's 1,729
high-efficiency PV modules are now providing sufficient clean energy for Ostend
Train Station; In Belgian's popular zoo, PairiDaiza, construction work is
underway to install a total of 62,750 PV panels at the parking lot of the zoo,
making it the world's largest PV power parking lot when the construction is
completed in 2020 spring. Mr. Li Zhenguo will visit these two projects during
his visits to review the cooperation process and see what more solar energy can
offer in the future.

Li Zhenguo's visit to Europe, including his speech at the Fortune Global
Forum and key visits to clients, will further activate the LONGi's business
expansion in Europe, in an attempt to enhance its global presence and
cooperation in the new energy sector. LONGi Group is committed to offering
greater support for the transformation of the global PV industry, with the
ultimate goal of turning solar power into a perfect energy solution for mankind.

SOURCE: LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd