Renesola 60,000 Square Meters New Energy Plant Decoration Project Bidding Announcement

PVTIME – ReneSola plans to renovate the 60,000-square-meter new energy plant in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, and now invites qualified engineering design and construction enterprises to participate in public bidding. The bidder (project owner) is ReneSola Co., Ltd., the procurement funds are self-funded by the enterprise, and the project has met the bidding conditions. 

01 Project Overview

  • Project Name: ReneSola 60,000 square meters of new energy plant decoration project bidding announcement
  • Project address: South of Minjiang Road, Yancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province
  • Bidding scope: PVC plastic floor, epoxy floor, wall floor tiles, ceiling, partition, insulation, sanitary ware, water and sewer pipes, washing table, lamps, strong and weak electrical lines, distribution boxes, doors and windows, etc
  • Quality standard: unified standard for construction quality acceptance of construction projects GB50300-2021
  • This bidding project has a total of one bidding section, which is the general contracting mode of contracting materials

02 Bidder Requirements

  • An enterprise legal person with independent conclusion and performance of contracts
  • Grade II or above qualification for building decoration and decoration projects
  • There have been no safety and quality incidents in the past five years
  • In the past five years, the engineering design and construction performance is excellent
  • Professional experience in design and engineering of PV industries is preferred
  • It has a good business reputation and has not been included in the list of judgment defaulters by the “Credit China” website

03 Bidding time and method

  • Bidding time: June 17, 2022 – June 28, 2022 before 17:00
  • Bidding method: Please send bidding documents to the
  • Tenderer contact information: Ms. Li, Tel: 15895081267
  • If the tender documents are not submitted within the time limit, the bidder will not accept them

04 Bidding related materials

  • Company profile (including: nature of the enterprise, date of establishment, products and services, bidding contacts and contact information, etc.)
  • Business license of enterprise legal person
  • Relevant qualification documents for renovation projects
  • Audited financial statements for the last three years
  • Similar renovation project performance documents (including: project time, owner name and contact information, project name, contract amount, etc.)

05 Qualification review

The tenderer will review the application materials submitted by the bidders in accordance with the requirements of the tender announcement, and ReneSola will continue to communicate and cooperate with the bidders who meet the requirements; For bidders who fail to pass the prequalification, ReneSola will not make additional explanations and explanations.