Iberdrola Starts Formalities to Develop Its First 350 MW Photovoltaic Plants in Castilla y León

-Grid access has also been secured for a further 500 MW of renewables in the form of two large-scale projects, a wind farm (300 MW) and a solar plant (200 MW)

-Iberdrola's plan to relaunch clean energies in Spain includes installing 3,000 renewable MW in the run up to 2022

CHANGCHUN, China, December, 23, 2019 /PVTME/ --
Iberdrola is continuing to invest in clean energy in Spain, and has just
started processing the formalities for its first two photovoltaic projects in
Castilla y León, which will be located in Ciudad Rodrigo (300 MW) and in
Villarino (50 MW) in the province of Salamanca.

These new solar plants will further establish
Iberdrola’s leadership in Spain, particularly in Castilla y León, where it already
manages more than 5,100 MW of hydraulic and wind plants, making this the
company’s number-one region in terms of green megawatts installed.

The photovoltaic plant in Ciudad Rodrigo, which
is expected to be built in 2021, will consist of 826,200 solar panels and will
create jobs for 800 workers at the height of the building activity. The
company's investment in solar generation in this region will also include
another photovoltaic plant (50 MW) in Villarino de los Aires and Trabanca,

As well as these initiatives, Iberdrola has
also secured grid access for a further 500 MW renewable power capacity,
consisting of a large wind farm (300 MW) and a 200 MW photovoltaic plant.

investment strategy in Spain

Iberdrola's plan to invest in renewable
energies in Spain includes the installation of 3,000 new MW by 2022. By 2030,
company forecasts point to the installation of 10,000 new MW. These actions
will enable jobs to be created for 20,000 people.

At present, and with these processes under way,
Iberdrola’s projects under construction or in the pipeline -wind and
photovoltaic- in Spain total more than 4,000 MW in regions such as Extremadura,
Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Navarra, Aragon, Andalusia, Murcia,
Cantabria and Andalusia.

In Castilla y León, Iberdrola operates more
than 5,100 MW of hydraulic and wind generation facilities. Among its most
recent activities in the region is the acquisition of the BaCa wind complex
(Ballestas and Castona), with an installed capacity of 69.3 MW. These
facilities have just come on stream and their output will provide clean energy
to the equivalent of 25,200 homes per year, preventing the emission of 40,000
tonnes of CO2 a year.

In Spain, Iberdrola is the leader wind
developer -with an installed capacity of more than 5,800 MW- and renewable
energy leader, with 16,000 MW installed (over 30,300 MW worldwide), making its
generation fleet one of the cleanest in the energy sector.

Iberdrola’s choice of a decarbonised economic
model has entailed investments of almost €10bn euros a year around the world,
having allocated almost €100bn in this area since 2001.