Growatt Becomes the NO.1 Solar Rooftop Inverter Supplier in India

CHANGCHUN, China, December. 31, 2019 /PVTIME/ -- Growatt, one of the
TOP 3 rooftop solar inverter brands in China, has become the NO.1 solar rooftop
inverter supplier in India according to a report by BRIDGE TO INDIA. In the
twelve-month period ending Sept. 2019, India added a record 1,853 MW rooftop
solar capacity, which is 17% higher than the same period last year, according
to the report. PV inverter suppliers from China are the top players in the
solar rooftop sector.

Growatt entered the Indian solar market around eight years ago. It
provides a wide range of solar inverters with capacity from 1KW to 80KW for the
rooftop sector, and is planning to launch an advanced 200KW inverter model next
year for ground-mounted and utility-scale solar farms. The company's growth
momentum has been very strong over the past years.

Rucas Wang, Growatt regional director, attributed the achievement to the
company's strong foundation built upon its product reliability and professional
service. "Growatt is a global leading inverter brand in the solar rooftop
sector. Our advanced PV technologies and product reliability are very well
recognized by clients and end-users around the world," said Wang.

The company pursues a strategy of localization and has established a
service center and warehouse in Hyderabad. Additionally, it has hired local
Indian sales representatives and now has more than 20 Indian service engineers
in 8 major cities to provide on-site services across India. "Growatt
provides advanced and reliable products and has been increasing investments in India.
We have a lot of training workshops and a lot of advertisements. And we have a
big Indian team, that provides superb services for our clients and end-users.
That's why we stay ahead of the solar rooftop competitors in India," said

SOURCE: Growatt