China Huaneng’s Gangwu Solar Power Station Is Equipped With 221,888 Units of LONGi Modules, to Supply Clean Electricity to the Residents in Guizhou Province

PVTIME – World leading solar manufacturer
LONGi has supplied 221,888 units of Hi-MO 4 mono-crystalline modules to the 80
MW Gangwu Solar Power Station in Longgu Village, Gangwu Town, Guizhou Province,
a project financed and constructed by the Huaneng Guanling New Energy Power
Generation Company.

The Gangwu Solar Power Station falls under Guizhou’s reserve listings for
the 2018 to 2020 “Three-Year Rolling Plan” for agricultural and forestry
biomass power generation projects. The project includes an agricultural
photovoltaic power station with a total installed capacity of 80MW, in two
phases of 30MW and 50MW respectively, and utilizes LONGi Hi-MO 4 modules, which
can significantly reduce BOS costs in actual power generation, and bring higher
ROI for the project owner.

The Power Station was built on mountainous terrain and divided into 29
square arrays with a minimum inclination angle of 15 degrees, which obviously
increased the difficulty of both module delivery and construction. In addition,
continuous rain and fog during the construction process frequently made the
traffic situation extremely challenging. To overcome these issues, the LONGi
team made numerous visits to the construction site to formulate an optimal
transfer plan according to the actual situation and subsequently liaised
closely with Huaneng Guanling to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

“As the world’s leading mono-crystalline module supplier, LONGi has
continually advanced the technology of its products. We also saw the prompt
service attitude of the LONGi team throughout the cooperation period and we
firmly believe LONGi to be a reliable and trustworthy partner,”
said a spokesperson from Huaneng Guanling.

The Gangwu Power Station is the first project on which LONGi and Huaneng
have collaborated in Guizhou Province. The successful construction of the
project will help both parties to develop more potential cooperation. Since
first collaborating with Huaneng in 2015, LONGi has participated in the
construction of the company’s first monocrystalline photovoltaic power plant,
the first 100 MW-level photovoltaic poverty alleviation power plant, and the
first national photovoltaic top runner project connected to the grid. LONGi has
become one of Huaneng’s most important partners in the field of new energy.

Tang Xuhui, Vice President of LONGi Solar, said, "LONGi and
Huaneng have made full use of their respective advantages since first
cooperating and both companies have made great achievements in renewable energy
construction. LONGi has been focusing on technological innovation and been
heavily involved in the photovoltaic industry for many years. The continuous
deepening of cooperation will help Huaneng build more high-quality photovoltaic
power stations and promote the large-scale application of clean energy. "