Another Hanergy SHJ Technology World Record! Will It Alleviate the Company’s Payroll Troubles?

China, November. 11, 2019 /PVTIME/ -- Amid controversy surrounding Hanergy’s inability to disburse wages to its
employees, the Hanergy Chengdu R&D Center released
a statement announcing that it has set a new world record for its
high-efficiency Silicon Hetero-Junction (SHJ) thin film solar
cells. The photoelectric cell conversion efficiency of the full-area (M2,
244.45 cm2) was 25.11%, breaking the previous conversion efficiency record of
24.85% held by itself. The relevant data has been certified by the German
Hamelin Solar Energy Research Institute (ISFH).

The record breaking Hanergy SHJ solar cell
uses low-cost and easy to acquire ITO transparent conductive film and screen
printed electrodes and has very obvious advantages in reducing mass production
costs and opening up developing markets. This technological breakthrough is
also achieved with low-cost production technology as well as mass production
equipment, contrary to many other record-setting technologies that were
developed in a laboratory setting. This means that Hanergy’s SHJ technology can
be used directly for mass production.

SHJ technology is known as the next
generation of highly competitive solar technology. The components produced
based on this technology have excellent weather resistance and service life of
more than 30 years. They also have high conversion efficiency, stable
performance, no light decay, no potential induced attenuation (PID), high power
output at high temperature, etc. Making it suitable for use in mobile solar
energy, power generating green technology buildings, ground power stations,
distributed power stations, vertical installations, solar fishery and
agricultural projects.

Xu Xiaohua, Vice President of Hanergy Thin
Film Power Group and CEO of Heterojunction Business Unit, said that “the SHJ
technology independently developed by Hanergy has been mass-produced in
Shuangliu, Sichuan province. The technology has the advantages of high efficiency
and low cost, and the core thin film deposition equipment are produced

From 2017 to 2019, Hanergy SHJ cell
conversion efficiency has steadily increased from 22.85% to 25.11%, all of
which have been certified by third parties. However, consecutive efficiency
increases year over year has not led to better days at Hanergy. Another world
record will not necessarily translate into success for the company unless
management can resolve its liquidity
affecting employee salary payouts promptly.