National Development Bank promoted financial services of distributed photovoltaic demonstration area

Financial problems restrict distributed photovoltaic demonstration area

Century and new energy network news: The National Energy Board officially announced the list of the batch of distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration zone on August 2013, the list involved seven provinces, five cities and 18 demonstration projects. Among them, the Risen energy, China Guangdong Nuclear Power, Ningbo Ning Electric New Energy–a joint venture Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area was listed in the first batch of distributed photovoltaic demonstration area.

Recently, the National Development Bank organized a conference in Beijing mainly about the financing of distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration area. The National Energy Board, Tai’an, Ningbo and other five cities of seven provinces of the energy management department, more than 150 people of photovoltaic production and development of enterprises attended the meeting. The meeting promoted the government, financial institutions and enterprises tripartite docking, building a good foundation for the task established by our country that achieving the project of making 10 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power go into operation.


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