RES and Energy Estate Advance 2GW of Renewable Power in Queensland

PVTIME - RES and Energy Estate are excited to announce they are working together on the Central Queensland Power project (CQP) which plans to deliver over 2GW of wind, solar and storage developments and new transmission infrastructure. The shared CQP vision is to accelerate the decarbonisation of heavy industry and the community in Central Queensland. This is consistent with a ‘Just Transition’, helping to support Gladstone’s communities and the industrial eco-system through the supply of low carbon energy. There will also be potential for local companies to benefit from longer-term fixed energy prices through power purchase agreements (PPAs).

RES and Energy Estate have successful track records of developing large scale renewable energy projects in Queensland. RES’ 72MW Emerald Solar Farm and 180MW Dulacca Wind Farm, and Energy Estate’s 300MW Rodds Bay Solar Farm through its affiliate Renew Estate.

The concept behind the CQP project is to
accelerate the development of an integrated portfolio of strategically
located wind, solar and energy storage projects in the Fitzroy Renewable
Energy Zone, over the next 10 years. This includes creating a robust
and resilient supply chain for the renewable energy sector in Queensland
using the natural advantages of the region and port at Gladstone.

Central Queensland Power project is designed to drive the
decarbonisation of Gladstone and accelerate the energy transition of
heavy industry around this critical region. We are developing renewable
energy projects which will deliver a mix of wind, solar and storage in
proximity to Gladstone, allowing for blended generation to create a
firmed renewable electricity supply able to meet the 24/7 requirements
of existing heavy industry as well as the wider community and stimulate
the development of new industries such as green hydrogen” said Simon
Currie from Energy Estate.

Simon Corbell, Chief Advisor of Energy
Estate, commented “The location of these projects is critical to a
‘Just Transition’ of the Gladstone workforce. The jobs created will rely
on skills that are already readily available in Gladstone –
construction, engineering, civil earthworks, fencing and security,
electrical, geotech, transportation and logistics. As they proceed
through development, construction and operations, in total the projects
are expected to create over a thousand local jobs and the overall
investment in the projects will inject millions of dollars into the
local economy.

The wider Gladstone area is ideally placed for
innovative, transitional training as well as re-skilling to create an
emerging green energy work force in Central Queensland to meet the needs
of a transforming energy sector. We intend to partner with the
communities close to these projects in such a way as to assist them to
build resilience against climate fluctuations, job transitions and
social change.”

Matt Rebbeck, CEO of RES in Australia commented
“RES and Energy Estate have a shared vision for the Central Queensland
region. The CQP project will draw upon the strengths and experiences of
both companies and is perfectly positioned to create jobs, deliver low
cost clean energy and support the competitiveness of the region’s
existing heavy industry to lead in the capture of domestic and export
opportunities in a transforming energy sector.”  

Energy Estates
and RES have already been working closely with key stakeholders in the
Gladstone region and the Queensland Government to accelerate progress
and further announcements will be expected soon.


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