Phase 3 of Jolywood’s Taizhou Manufacturing Facility Ready to Mass Produce 1.8GW of NTOPCon Modules Annually

PVTIME - Chinese solar cell, module, and backsheet manufacturer, Jolywood, announced that phase 3 of its Taizhou facility is ready to mass produce. The facility, which has an annual production capacity of 1.8GW, successfully produced its first NTOPCon module on April 16.

The new
plant, covering a total area of 26000 square meters, was constructed in just
110 days from the groundbreaking ceremony. Zongyao
Yang, the vice general manager of Jolywood Solar, commented, “the new plant is
really big. Still, we took only 110 days to complete the civil engineering,
mechanical, electrical, equipment entry, installation, and debugging. You can
imagine what a fast speed we achieved, especially that during the construction
phase, China was suffering a stagnation of everything caused by Covid-19.”

lines at the plant implement a combination of advanced current technologies,
such as bifacial, half cells, and multi-busbar. Aimed at producing mainly 9-busbar,
half cell, NTOPCon bifacial modules, the plant is also designed to be compatible
with trending large size wafers.

In March, Jolywood announced that its own developed n-type TOPCon high
efficiency bifacial solar cells reached mass production power conversion
efficiency to 23.5%. Bifacial modules power output can improve by 3-5 W with
the 0.3% improvement in efficiency of these NTOPCon cells.