LONGi Supplies 228 MW of High-Efficiency PERC Modules for “Agriculture-Solar Complementary” Project in Ningxia

PVTIME - Located on the "Silk Road", the Ningxia Hui
region is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, and an important
channel for transportation between East and West. With its unique irradiance
advantages, Ningxia's photovoltaic industry is developing rapidly, and the
proportion of electricity generated by renewable energy is among the highest in

The Wulongqiao 228MW power plant in the region’s Lingwu City was financed
and constructed by the Longqiao Photovoltaic New Energy Co. in 2018, and was
based entirely on LONGi high-efficiency monocrystalline modules. According to
statistics, the project’s annual average power generation is about 328.9926
million kW/h, with annual equivalent utilization of some 1,444.95 hours. In
addition to delivering stable power generation income, the project also saves
an annual 115,000 tons of standard coal, which can reduce sulphur dioxide
emissions by about 10,000 tons and carbon dioxide by about 300,000 tons. The
Wulongqiao plant therefore plays a positive role in both local environmental
protection and energy saving.

Lingwu City has a long history of fruit tree cultivation and, indeed, is
known as the "hometown of flowers and fruits". In recent years, many
locations have seen a new way to reap the benefits of the “Photovoltaic
Power Generation + Agricultural Production"
ecological model, made up
of the three-dimensional utilization of land, planting vegetables and fruits
with high-tech clean energy power generation.

The LONGi monocrystalline modules deployed at this project offer higher
power generation capacity and reliability under various climatic conditions,
especially in areas with abundant light resources. This can significantly
increase the amount of power generated and reduce the cost of electricity,
effectively promoting the win-win situation of clean energy power generation
and advantageous resources, thus broadening the source of growth of the local
agricultural economy.

LONGi has previously participated in the construction of power stations at
Yinchuan, Hongsibao, Pengyang and other locations in the Ningxia Hui Region. As
a promoter of global energy transformation, the company has consistently used
the advanced clean energy concept to strengthen confidence in future
sustainable development.