Jolywood Plans to Invest in the Construction of a 10GW N-Type Bifacial High-Efficiency Module Project

PVTIME – On August 25, Jolywood announced that it has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Nanqiao District People’s Government of Chuzhou City.

According to the agreement, Jolywood plans to invest in the construction of a 10GW N-type bifacial high-efficiency module project. The total planned land area of ​​this module project is about 600 mu and the land will be purchased through public bidding, auction, and listing in accordance with national regulations.

Additionally, Jolywood also announced that it is seeking state-owned enterprises’ backed funding to jointly promoting the development of a 200MW distributed photovoltaic power station project in Nanqiao District. Jolywood would designate a company to act as the EPC of the project. The specific content and investment amount of the module project shall be further negotiated by both parties and finally determined after performing relevant necessary approval procedures.

Jolywood’s statement added that the strategic cooperation agreement signed this time is only a framework where the preliminary intentional arrangement has been reached by the two parties. Specific cooperation matters need to be finalized after further negotiation between the two parties and their respective necessary approval procedures. A formal investment contract is still to be signed.