JA Solar Offers Customers High-Quality Solar Modules With Mono PERC MBB Cells Adopting Ga-Doped Silicon Wafers

PVTIME - With the recent introduction of Ga doped wafers company wide, JA
Solar becomes the first firm in the world to mass-produce high-efficiency
Mono PERC MBB cells and modules using Ga-doped wafers.

JA Solar, a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance
photovoltaic products, announced that all its production lines of Mono PERC MBB
Cells and related modules can be switched to produce modules and cells adopting
Ga-doped silicon wafers. Integrating with PERC-SE technology and
large-size wafers, Ga doping technology consistently improves the performance
of both cells and modules. 

In 2019, Shin-Etsu Chemical granted its "Ga-doped
silicon wafers for making solar cells" IP rights to JA Solar, which paved
way for JA Solar to use Ga doped wafers worldwide. The application of Ga-doped
silicon wafers to solar cells can effectively mitigate the initial
light-induced degradation (LID) issue, which limits the performance of solar
modules with traditional Si wafers. 

The Ga-doped silicon wafer technology allows for improved
performance in power generation, particularly the much better stability,
ensuring customers with long-term benefits.

Mr. Jin Baofang, JA Solar's Chairman of the Board of
Directors and CEO, stated, "JA Solar is committed to building respect for
and recognizing the importance of intellectual property. While focusing on
research and innovation, we apply advanced third-party technologies to further
optimize our product performance. The application of Ga-doped wafers in the
manufacturing of mono PERC MBB cells and modules enables us to provide our
global customers with better solar products and help the realization of grid