EnergySage: 2022 Most Efficient Solar Panels in the U.S.

PVTIME – EnergySage released Efficiency Comparison Tables on 2022 Most efficient solar panels in the U.S.

The table below presents different views of the solar panel efficiency characteristics of the leading manufacturers who sell solar panels in the United States. Most panel manufacturers produce several solar panel models which range in efficiency ratings. The leading brands in this category will be those that utilize high-efficiency solar cells such as LG and SunPower (who have battled back and forth for the world solar efficiency record) who are widely considered to be the top panel brand on the market for solar efficiency. However, it’s important to understand the difference between setting a maximum efficiency record and maintaining strong and consistent average solar energy efficiency ratings. Therefore, the following efficiency table breaks down the best ways to compare different solar panel options by module efficiency metrics.

EnergySage pointed that Some Chinese companies are defying the “more efficient = more expensive” rule in 2022. High efficiency solar panels are entering the market from companies like LONGi, Canadian Solar, and Trina Solar that surpass the 20 percent efficiency rating, but cost less per watt as opposed to SunPower, LG and Panasonic panels. Solar is cheaper than ever without sacrificing efficiency ratings, which begs the question if U.S manufacturers will be able to maintain their pricing premiums.

Furthermore, on February 4th, American President Biden announced that he would extend the 201 tariff on imported components from China and other counties for 4 years. There are two advantages:

(1) the duty-free quota was expanded from 2.5GW to 5GW.

(2) the 201 tariff exemption for double-sided solar panels business will be further expanded in the American market.