Canadian Solar Comments on Solaria Corporation

PVTIME - Canadian Solar Inc.  (NASDAQ: CSIQ), today issued the
following comment:

Canadian Solar is aware that Oakland-based
Solaria Corporation ("Solaria") recently filed a complaint against
Canadian Solar Inc. and Canadian Solar (USA)
Inc. (collectively, "Canadian Solar" or the "Company") for
patent infringement in the Northern District of California,
citing a portion of the process for making Canadian Solar's shingled-cell solar
modules (HiDM High Density Mono Perc Modules).  Canadian Solar's many
other products are not cited in the complaint.  Canadian Solar believes
that the claims in Solaria's complaint are meritless and unfounded. 
Canadian Solar is working closely with its legal counsel and will vigorously
defend against the claims made by Solaria.

As one of the world's largest solar power companies,
Canadian Solar respects and takes very seriously intellectual property
rights.  Canadian Solar Inc. was founded in 2001 and has continually
invested in R&D to build its innovation leadership and provide customers
with the highest yield and lowest LCOE systems.  The Company has received
95 patents in various countries for its shingled-cell designs and inventions,
with an additional 75 patent applications pending review.  The Company has
received an additional 1,519 patents for its other innovations in the area of
solar power generation and storage.