PVBL 2018 Photovoltaic Brand Ranking

At 9:am on May 10, 2019, the CPC 2019 Century Photovoltaic Conference and Release of the PVBL 2018 Photovoltaic Brand Ranking was held by the Shanghai Sheraton Hotels at such hotel, held jointly by Century New Energy Network, Photovoltaic Brand Lab(PVBL), with the subject of “Photovoltaic Wisdom and Determination under the Revolution”, aiming at studying challenges and opportunities in the market of the trillions of photovoltaic industries. And there were about 400 elites in the photovoltaic industry who attended to the conference, put forward their suggestions on the development of the China’s Photovoltaic industry from different views to jointly explore a road for the development of the China’s photovoltaic industry.


The release festival of “the PVBL 2018 Photovoltaic Brand Ranking” was held in the dinner party, and published Top 10 list of ” the PVBL 2018 Photovoltaic Brand Ranking” on the site, and many powerful enterprises won awards.

” PVBL Annual Photovoltaic Brand Ranking” was established in 2012, published jointly by the  Century New Energy Network and the Photovoltaic Brand Lab(PVBL), and it is the only investigation ranking to evaluate the value of photovoltaic brands, regarded as the “Barometer of the China’s Photovoltaic Market”

The “2018 Photovoltaic Brand Ranking” takes the portal experience and data of the Century New Energy Network for recent 10 years as the basis, and depends on the evaluation standards of the GB/T 31041-2014 Brand Value – Requirements for Quality Evaluation, GB/T 31042-2014 Brand Value―Requirements for Service Evaluation and GB/T 31043-2014 Brand Value―Requirements for Technology Innovation Evaluation. The full mark of the rating standard for enterprise brand is 1000 scores, on the basis of two grade indicators, including Level I indicators of shipment, revenue, scientific research, influence service, Level II indicators of brand planning, brand recognition, brand reputation, brand loyalty, commercial quality, service quality, propagandizing and popularizing, social responsibility, industry impacts and social influence. Finally, Top 10 ranking enterprises are selected from investors of photovoltaic power station, power station EPC, components, inverters(cluster/string formation/household) in 2018. 

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